June 3, 2012

New Windows = Stunned Oriole (Not a Goldfinch After All)

I finally have all the windows in my house replaced, much to the chagrin of my feathered friends.  I don't think there's a window in this house now that hasn't been christened by a bird, usually with a loud whack.

Just now as I was reading email, a bird hit the window beside me.  I knew it was a hard hit, so I opened the window and looked down and sure enough, the pretty little Baltimore Oriole (originally was thinking it was a goldfinch) that had been playing in the quince bush was on the ground.

I went out to look and at first she appeared ok, was sitting upright and looking around, but not moving.  I bent to pick her up and she didn't even flinch.

(Click photos to enlarge)

Pretty little Baltimore Oriole let me pick her right up

When I turned to get a better look, I could see that she had blood on her beak on both sides, so she must have whacked her head good.

Oriole after flying into my window

I had a friend hold her so I could get a better photo.

After a couple of minutes she still showed no signs of wanting to fly away on her own, but I couldn't leave her in the back yard for my dogs to get her.  I still had shavings from when I had my chickens, so I tossed a few into a plastic tub and set the oriole in that, then put the tub inside my large chicken coop with the pop door open.  She'll be safe from the dogs, and if she can fly up out of the tub and out of the coop, she should be able to make it to safety.

Sure hope the little gal makes it ok.  I'd hate for word to get out that it's dangerous to visit my bird feeders.

Update:  About ten minutes later I saw movement in the quince bush and a flash of yellow.  I checked the tub and my little friend was gone, so apparently she was ok after a bit of a rest.  As I walked over to the quince bush, she flew off.

After looking at the photos again, I don't think this is a goldfinch at all.  The beak is too long, and the bird is larger and I think the tail is longer than a goldfinch.  A friend suggested she might be a Baltimore Oriole and after looking at other photos, I agree.


Kim Morgan said...

He's absolutely adorable... poor little guy. My mom gave me some bird magazines and apparently they're selling those plastic decorative window clings to bird watchers for just this reason... didn't realize it happened so often!

Glory Lennon said...

Same thing happened to a large and most beautiful pilated woodpecker--smacked right into the large window but he didn't make it, the poor thing. That is why I always put some sun-catcher or decal of some sort on my big picture window.

Brad Sylvester said...

Female Baltimore Oriole, I believe.