June 7, 2012

With Molly and Jethro, Off on a Jaunt

There's nothing really exciting to see around here, but since I'm easy to please, I still enjoy it when Molly and Jethro take me for a walk.  There is plenty of flora and fauna in our little neck of the woods, and I tried to capture a little of it with my cell phone camera to share with you.

There were more pictures of various wildflowers and such, but my cell phone is being ornery and not letting me have them.  Some of the photos aren't the best, but here's what I was able to get.

I hope you enjoyed our little jaunt!


Glory Lennon said...

Could your own mystery plant be a variety of cattail? Was it sitting in a swampy or wet spot? From here that's what it kind of looks like.

Marie Anne said...

Nope, completely dry area, on the edge of a cow/sheep pasture. It was the only one around, just that clump.

It's brown like a cattail, but that's the only similarity. It was almost prickly looking, sorta fuzzy.

Kim Morgan said...

I love all the wildflowers! Those and the tree-lined, curving road... perfect for a walk!

sharon said...

You live in a lovely place! I think your plant is a teazle - I have some in my garden and the bees love 'em.