February 15, 2010

Three Hens A-Laying

Things are looking up!

In the last 12 days I got a total of 15 eggs, so I suspected I might have a third hen laying. I only had one day with no eggs, and several with two eggs, but today confirmed it. There were two eggs in the nest a couple of hours ago and I just went out again and there was a third egg in the nest, so three of the six young chickens are definitely laying.

I'm surprised that egg production has sped up since they've been cooped up with all the crappy weather we've had lately. They don't want any part of this several inches of snow still on the ground. I've been leaving one door propped open so at least they'd get more natural light even if they didn't venture out, so I'm sure that helped some.

No doors open today as it's snowing like crazy out there and blowing into the coop and I don't want the bedding to get wet.

These pictures are from last week. There's a LOT more snow out there now, and I haven't seen bare ground in the chicken run since these photos were taken.

Little Jethro keeps sneaking in behind me but so far he's been more interested in the chicken poop than the chickens themselves.


Chicken Boys said...

My ladies have had almost no time outside this winter, but we've made up for it in feed. They are all fat, healthy looking birds. Getting good eggs now.

Callie said...

Wow! 15 egg! The most I have found is 12.
We have 17 chickens now, down 1 that the fox got last year. Glad they are starting to lay again.

Dana said...

I open our coop door, but they don't usually venture out when there's snow. They stand on the plank, though, so get some light at any rate. Once the snow turns to ice, they come out. Weird birds.

All American x5 said...

Congrats on the eggs.

Nishant said...

Getting good eggs now.
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