February 6, 2010

Snow Dogs

We got several inches of snow yesterday and overnight and we're still in a winter storm warning in south/central Ohio with the possibility of another few inches before the warning expires at 6 pm. The chickens didn't want to come out at all yesterday while it was snowing, so they're not likely to come out today either, which means more trips in and out for me.

The dogs love it, but unfortunately I don't have them trained yet to take care of the chickens. One of the hens got out the other day (she always tries to escape when she's ready to lay) and Molly and Jethro were both out there, but the chicken was quick enough to stay away. To be honest, I'm sure all the flapping and squawking caused Molly to keep her distance because even as big as she is, she's afraid of everything.

I went a day or two without any eggs then got an egg three days in a row (a first) and yesterday, the third day, I got two! (another first). Every egg has still been deposited nicely in the dishpan nest, so it didn't take them long to figure out exactly what that was for.

I hope the trend continues, but with the snow, they won't be out as much which will likely slow things down again.

More details and photos of the snowstorm here.


All American x5 said...

Sounds like fun for everyone!

The snow is beautiful.

Have a great weekend.

Callie said...

Maybe the chickens will "train" the dogs? Looks like fun in the snow.