January 18, 2010

Chicken Legs - Scaly Leg Mites

I brought the chickens home on December 1st and noticed that one of them had some ugly patches on her legs but didn't think much of it. It's now on both legs, and I've determined that it's something called scaly leg mites and it is contagious, but none of the other five have been affected. Since she's had it this long and it hasn't spread to the rest of my little flock, it appears the mites she brought from her previous home have burrowed into her and not jumped into the bedding here.

I researched and found that it's fairly easy to get rid of scaly leg mites by putting cooking oil on the legs, which suffocates the little parasites. I took a can of spray oil and sprayed both legs liberally yesterday, so hopefully I'll see some improvement soon.

Not very good pics, but I was working solo. Had to
shoot one-handed while holding her with the other.

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