January 19, 2010

Another Hen Comes of Age

Of the six young hens, I knew one was responsible for the eggs thus far and had suspected that a second started laying when I got an egg two days in a row.

The second hen had been cackling and carrying on for a day or two (the way the older one does; the younger ones aren't vocal at all), so I thought she might be ready to start producing. I had made a small temporary run and she got out twice yesterday and I still haven't figured out how. As I put her back in she paced back and forth, sounding off and just wasn't happy at all.

As I was making another temporary run yesterday, all six were there with me, checking out the new space, doing the chicken dance while scratching new turf. My suspected new egg-layer suddenly disappeared into the coop and had settled down into a nest she'd made in the shavings. I let her be and just a few minutes later out she came, leaving a beautiful brown egg behind.

Here's an earlier shot of the little lady that's come of age.

And here are the two egg-layers
together, in another earlier shot


All American x5 said...

You have beautiful hens. Congrats on your eggs yesterday! Chickens are so much fun!

Chicken Boys said...

Sweet! Can they come over and have a talk with my girls! I"ve gotten no eggs in over two months. It's starting to get irritating.

Callie said...

Congratulations! Eggs! They are such pretty happy hens! Hope the mites are going away!