January 27, 2010


Things seem to be moving along a bit better in the egg production department. I know I have two chickens laying now and I'm getting an egg about every second or third day pretty consistently. If the days stay warmer where the hens can be out a good part of the day, I'm sure it will pick up even more.

It was pretty cold yesterday so I buttoned the girls up while I went to town, and someone left me a little surprise while I was gone - I came home to find a tiny egg!

All of the eggs from the two laying hens so far have been big and consistently uniform in size and shape, and this one being so tiny I have to believe it came from a different hen, which means I have three laying now.

The size and shape difference doesn't show up nearly as much in the photos, but yesterday's egg is also a lot pointier than the rest have been. I never would have guessed it came from one of my chickens.

Are ya'll tired of egg pictures yet?
How about some hens, then ...

Or maybe some puppy love ...


Chicken Boys said...

I'm getting some eggs now. One of my sex links is the culprit. Hopefully the other gals will soon follow suit, as I've gotten nothing since before Thanksgiving! Bout time!

Callie said...

Great photo! Glad you are getting some eggs. I found two today and one was pointy. Your hens are so cute and the puppies too.

All American x5 said...

Oh, We love those fresh eggs...They are so yummy!

Glad you are enjoying those hens.

Becky's Barnyard said...

I like the eggs and the chickens. And don't forget the puppies; really cute. I only got four eggs today, but they have been laying much better. Warm weather.