May 26, 2012

Japanese Quince Bush Isn't Quince-ing This Year

The crazy weather we've had this year with mild winter, early spring, then a few days of below freezing temps after everything started to sprout has left several things lacking around here.

My Japanese Quince bush in the back yard is usually the first to bud, right around the time forsythia makes its showing, and sometimes before.  This year, everything started to green up nicely, but it never did flower.  It's normally come and gone by now and I'm sure no flowers means no quince fruit.  It's a huge shrub,  probably 8ft tall or better and at least that wide, and there are two lonely little flowers side by side at the top of the bush.  It should have been a mass of color in a peach-y pink and I was truly disappointed, especially since I moved my home office to where I see out that window from my desk.

(click photos to enlarge)

Two lonely flowers on my Japanese Quince bush

Isn't this a sad sight?  My poor Quince bush!

Since the quince isn't much to look at, I thought I'd stick something else outside this window for a bit of color.  I found a nice double shepherd's hook and hanging basket at Aldi's a few weeks back (the basket was only $2.99, I believe), and I picked up some flowers on sale at Lowe's when I got the garden soil and mulch for the hosta bed I just finished.   Added a pretty glass hummingbird feeder for the other hook, and here's the finished product.  It's a lot fuller and prettier than the photo shows, but I never could get the light just right to make the colors pop, no matter what angle I shot from.

It's a far cry from a fully bloomed Japanese Quince, but it's better than nothing. I've made a promise to myself that I'm going to spend more time outside in the good weather rather than chained to this desk anyway.

Let's see just how long that lasts.

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