June 12, 2011

Ok, Who Did This?

My nine hens are still laying a good number of eggs, I'm getting anywhere from 6-8 a day, and have even had two days where I got 9-for-9 last month! They normally lay very large eggs, some that don't even fit in the egg carton, but every once in a while I'll get one that makes me say 'huh'?

Here are three that I picked up the other day  The two eggs on the side were normal size, not overly large, and they still dwarf the center egg.

Who was responsible for this?

I asked the girls which of them was responsible for the egg that wasn't much bigger than a robin's egg, but none would own up to it.  I suppose to fess up would mean signing their own death warrant, seeing as the new chicks on the block will start laying in a couple of weeks.
Can't blame them, I suppose.


SJerZGirl said...

If the new chicks are that close to laying, could this have been a beginner's egg?

Lyn Lomasi, LifeSuccessfully.com said...

haha that is too cute!

Foothills Poultry said...

I have always called them 'fart' eggs. I get them from time to time and have a collection of them. The smallest ever was laid just a gew days ago. It is from a smallish standard hen and is about the size of a DIME. I just set the eggs up and let them dry out.


Callie said...

Strange how those little eggs happen. I read that first layers are apt to lay the little eggs. My hens are getting older and their eggs are getting a little larger with age... normal so I read.