June 22, 2011

Daisies and Purple Coneflower - Finally!

Since my irises finally gave up the ghost, my front perennial garden has been void of color.  We've had a lot of rain again this last week or two which helped the weeds along and prevented me from spending much time out there, so it's a real mess.

A couple of days ago I finally saw one of the buds start to open on the daisies.  It's a start!

A single daisy coming to life

Not to be outdone by the daisies, my few Purple Coneflower are starting to come in.  I thought I had two bunches of these, one on each side of the bed, but I'm only seeing one small group of them.  I wish there were more to throw in a punch of color among the masses of white daisies that will be open soon.

Purple Coneflower finally coming in

More daisies popping open

I have no idea what's going on with my gladiola, but all the pointy stalks are there but no sign of shoots or flower buds at all.  I can't remember when they came in last year, but that punch of pink would go a long way to rounding out the mass of greenery.

What's growing out your way?


AHBrowne (Kim) said...

Seems we're not much better in WA. I have daisies blooming like crazy, but my beans I planted are iffy. Although I'm gonna plant some of the same coneflowers so it's nice to see what they'll look like!

Tamara McRill said...

After my few tulips went I went a month or two without color. Well, except for tequila moss roses in two little baskets, but they didn't want to bloom much. I'm just getting ready to do more planters today. After all this rain I have all kinds of crazy stuff popping up in the yard that were in containers last year. My day lillies started blooming last week and gladiolas just bloomed two days ago--but only three so far of over a dozen.

Becky's Barnyard said...

I love daisies and coneflowers. I don't know why I didn't get me some this year. Very pretty.