May 11, 2011

More Columbine and Purple Iris

After a much needed 48 hour break in the nasty weather of recent weeks, we had more thunderstorms come through south/central Ohio early evening yesterday in three or four waves. What a torrent!  Quite a spell of  hail too, but thankfully not very large.  I guess the flowers liked it because I woke to an explosion of purple out front this morning.

I shared pics of the columbine and iris the other day; what a difference in just two days.


Pretty Purple Iris

View from my desk

Still have quite a few iris left to open, so hopefully by the time they're done blooming I'll see my pink gladiola. They're just big shoots so far with no sign of flowers.  Left to bloom still are the pretty white daisy-like flower (I'm sure some form of daisy, but I don't know what) that are just clumps of greenery yet.

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Kimberly Morgan said...

I LOVE the color -- the purples and greens. It's an amazing spring combination (I love purples and yellow!) We can't grow iris here. Great post!

ladydragonfly said...

These are so beautiful. I just love purple!

Crunchy Frugalista said...

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. I love gardening myself :) I am listening to the rain pummel my newly planted flowers as we speak. Thanks for joining hte Alexa blog hop. I hope to see you around.