April 3, 2009

Springing Up All Over

I'm still curious about what surprises I have popping up at my new house. I noticed these little fingers trying to push through the soil and last night realized they were large enough to identify - I have a bunch of hosta coming up at the front of the house - hurray!

The daffodils that are scattered in a few spots are coming along nicely. I wish I had taken a shot yesterday when they were all standing so straight and pretty. Apparently they don't want to ruin their make-up as they're hunched over and hiding their faces from the rain this morning. (Much like Ms Molly who decided she doesn't like to go potty in the rain).

The buds on the rotund bush in the back yard have started to open, and I found (the hard way), that this particular specimen has thorns. It's not a rose, so I googled what else would have flowers and thorns and I believe it to be a Flowering Quince. They are known to flower in early spring and bear fruit in the fall (some varieties). Mine look very much like the photos I've found of Chaenomeles Japonica, or Japanese Quince.

Regardless of what it is, it's beautiful ...

I still haven't decided what I'm going to do about a vegetable garden this year since I have so much else going on. I planted two leftover bush cucumber seeds in a little pot on 3/31, so I probably won't see anything from them for another day or two, at the earliest.

I also planted tomato seed in three eggshells on 3/28 and noticed this morning that one has championed its way through the soil and is proudly poking its tiny head out. They're seeds I had left from last year and I haven't been too good about keeping them warm, so to see germination in less than 6 days tickles me.

I am amazed at how a seed less than 1/2" in size can be nurtured into a plant well over 6' tall that will bear plentiful fruit to feed us. Another of God's miracles that I am blessed to witness daily.

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Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

This blog is simply adorable. Love the witty title . . . and all the promising garden photos!