June 12, 2008

Pea in a Bottle?

Yes, I said pea in a bottle, not the other!

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Several weeks ago when I was looking for containers to start my vegetables in, I was messing around and stuck some dirt in this soda bottle, dropped a sugar snap pea in it, and another small bit of dirt.

I never expected anything to happen, it really was just for fun. The joke was on me when it not only sprouted, but grew bigger and stronger than any of the others thus far!

Since the glass was clear, the seed was exposed to more sunlight even in the small amount of dirt that it was in, so it sprouted UNDER the soil before even breaking ground. You can see it if you look closely in the picture on the left.

It grew quite tall, probably 7-8" above the height of the bottle itself, but unfortunately I left it out in direct sun one afternoon for too long, and it literally fried due to the glass.

I was disappointed that I didn't have it long enough to flower and bear fruit, but I'm glad that I did get several pictures for posterity.

So, what do you think of my 'pea in a bottle'?

On a more serious note, the rest of the snap peas I put directly into the ground are doing quite well.

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hawkcomom said...

I think that is cool. Sorry it fried but now you know it works and can do it again being more careful next time and reap a harvest from it.

Loved the play on words too. LOL!