March 31, 2014

Old Seeds - Will They Be Viable?

I found my bucket of old seed packets last night and realize that I had a lot more seeds than I first thought.   I have a couple of different peppers, several varieties of beans (some bush, which is good), a packet of cucumber, and tomatoes - both Roma and Big Boy Hybrid.  I have sweet corn too, but don't think I'll plant any this year because I'm supposed to be staying low-carb and shouldn't be eating it. Same goes for the cantaloupe, but we'll see.  I'd want to plant that directly into the ground after it's good and warm, so there's no rush to make that decision anyway.

With all the seeds that I found, I don't think I'll buy more just yet.  Some of them are a couple of years old so I don't know how viable they'll be, but since I've got plenty of them, I figure that some of them are bound to sprout.  The only thing I'll need to buy is lettuce, so after buying a couple of bags of dirt, I should be all set to get my little garden started with very little expense.

I'm excited to get going and will probably start tomatoes today, if nothing else.  I saved my eggshells from breakfast this morning, so if I can scrounge around and find some seed starter medium and/or good garden soil in the garage, I'm ready to go.

I never buy tomato plants, but start my own tomatoes from seed in an eggshell and have always had great success with it, so as long as these seeds are viable, I expect this year to be no different.  Stay tuned to see how things turn out!

~ Marie Anne

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