May 7, 2012

Tackling the Carb Addiction

Carbs won.  I'm fat. Again.

Inside this fat body is a much healthier person and I need to help her get out again.  I've had high cholesterol all my life, even while in the Marine Corps and at my fittest, and as the pounds crept on over the years, it got worse.  I was also staring diabetes in the face.  With the help of The Rosedale Diet (also available in the Kindle edition), I started the journey towards weight loss and better health on Oct 1, 2009.  It was almost too easy and I dropped over 50 lbs (I believe it was 54), lowered my cholesterol considerably, and my A1C was well within normal range.  If you have a true carb addiction (I do), this works.

A carb addiction is like any other addiction.  You cheat too much and BAM, you're hooked again.  I never would have believed it if I hadn't lived through it.  After some months, I backslid and the weight started creeping back on, slowly, but steadily.  It's two and a half years later and I ended up only one pound lighter than when I started the diet the first time.  It took a lot longer to gain it back than it did to lose it, but gain it back I did. That ends now.  Today.  Well, actually several days ago.

I started a low-carb eating regimen on May 1, 2012 and after six days I'm down 4 lbs.  I'm probably not going to be as strict and follow Dr. Rosedale's plan religiously, but I'm still using his research and guidance for the basics, because I know it works.

The gauntlet has been thrown, the challenge accepted.  Carbs?  Get outa town.  I'm claiming victory.

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Anonymous said...

Keep us up to date with the battle.

Amy Brantley said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

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