April 21, 2011

Redbud Dilemma

I have a gorgeous Redbud tree outside my back door. My dilemma is that I have a gorgeous Redbud tree outside my back door.

The Eastern Redbud is an ornamental tree that produces tiny magenta buds in early spring, making it as welcome a sight as the daffodil and forsythia after a long Ohio winter.  A unique feature of the Redbud is that it will flower first, then bear attractive heart-shaped leaves after the flowers are gone, rather than the reverse.

I love my Redbud with its striking punch of color in an otherwise drab, chicken-filled backyard, but it's in a very awkward spot.  The branches have to be trimmed back so as not to end up in the gutter or brushing the side of the house and its position just outside the door impedes foot traffic to the chicken pen and coop.

My Redbud is too big to dig up and relocate elsewhere in the yard, but I really don't want to cut it down either, so I'm stumped as to what to do.  I do have another that was planted in the front yard as a sapling, so maybe I'll feel better about cutting the one in the back when that one matures enough to flower.

Eastern Redbud Outside My Back Door

A native tree as far west as Michigan, the Eastern Redbud makes a striking appearance when growing in the wild along roadways.  The pinkish-red buds really pop against the backdrop of Buckeye State greenery and make my mundane drive to town just a little brighter.

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ladydragonfly said...

Oh my goodness! I see your dilemma. That Redbud is gorgeous. I have heard,don't know how true that you can root a branch from the Redbud. If you can do it,and plant it in a more convenient spot, it may help to justify cutting it down. Hmmm...

L.L. Woodard said...

It is a beautiful tree. Let us know what you decide to do.

SJerZGirl said...

I love flowering trees! Will it get any taller? Maybe then it won't be in the way of the door.

Tony Payne said...

It would be a shame to dig it up, but if it's in the way, there isn't really much of an alternative.

I wonder if you could take some shoots off it and grow more but where you want them to grow.

Then it wouldn't be so bad.

Ilene said...

Maybe you could attach a meaningful significance to the Redbud's position. For instance, every time you experience it being a nuisance or in your way, think of one thing you are thankful for. Or pray for someone. Or treat yourself to an extra scoop of ice cream (then you can blog about gaining weight!!).

Years ago I lived with an inconsiderate roommate who refused to put away her ugly artificial Christmas tree even after I asked her very nicely to do so. So I did what I just suggested to you, and it really did take away the irritating "edge" of the situation. She eventually took it down--in July! Then I missed it (no, not really!)

Anonymous said...

WE had a few redbuds in the yard when we lived in Wisconsin. Beautiful trees. Here, the yard is so small that we don't have a tree in ha back yard at all. Bummer.

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Amy Brantley said...

A very beautiful tree. It would be such a shame to cut it down.