April 13, 2011

Keystone Kops and Katzenjammer Kids

Do you remember the old Keystone Kops movies, where the unkempt koppers ran amok across the silent screen? I never understood how they didn't run into each other and hurt themselves, but they were good for a laugh.

With six new chicks, I'm treated to my own version of the Keystone Kops in my living room daily.  They're of an age now where they've got the 'shiny thing syndrome', where one will pick up some small bit of nothing thinking it's a great prize, and the rest will give chase trying to grab it.  Six little buggers peep-peeping and running willy-nilly sets the dogs off, so they pick up the chase around the outside of the cage.

Think Keystone Kops and Katzenjammer Kids.

I best enjoy it while I can as they grow so fast.

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