April 15, 2011

I Hate Mulch

(Photo by Spac3d)
I know mulch is supposed to be a good thing, helping to keep moisture in and control weeds in your flower bed, but I don't care.  I hate mulch.

When you first mulch your beds it looks all shiny and new (ok, maybe not shiny) but once it's been there a while it can look pretty ratty.  I have dogs and cats so what are the chances of mulch staying put where I spread it?

When I bought this house, one of the small flower beds by the front walkway had old mulch that had certainly seen better days (Ha! Fit right in with the rest of the place).  Goodness knows how many years it had been there already, and I'm still pulling some of it out of there two years later.  I just don't like messing with it.

Without mulch, bare spots in flower beds can look - well, bare.  What to do?  My perennials are coming in nicely and there's a bit of alyssum that'll creep over the naked spots, but there's another bed of hosta that I need to fill in with some annuals and - something.


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Lisa said...

Just did mulching of the flower beds in the back yard. I hate it too. Never last's pretty enough, drops in the pool, and it seems like as soon as I get one bag done there is another one to do!

Anonymous said...

Mulching is a pain, but is sure does make everything look well-tended, at least for a while. After it fades, it only looks decent right after everything has been watered and the moistness gives it a deeper color. Gardening is like laundry--it's never, ever really 'done.'

My “M” post is right here: http://www.word-nerd-speaks.com/2011/04/medical-marijuana.html

Misha said...

I like mulch in gardens, but then, I'm not a gardener, so I never know how much work goes into keeping mulch looking good.