April 2, 2011

B is for Bertha, Bessie and Blue Belle

I couldn't let B get by me without talking about Bertha, Bessie and Blue Belle, three of my hens.

Bertha is one of the group of my first six chickens that I got as pullets a year ago December, just as they were starting to lay. She established herself as the matriarch of the bunch right away. Bertha is a black sex link hen, a NH Red/Barred Rock mix and is the biggest in my flock. I endured nuns for eight years of grammar school, and Big Bertha reminds me of one of them in particular (who appropriately enough, was named Sister HENrietta).

Bertha giving me 'the stare'

Bessie was another of the original six and while the same breed mix as Bertha, she got more of the barred characteristics and had much lighter colored feathers.  Sadly, Bessie died last October from unknown causes.

Bessie and Bertha

Blue Belle is one of the six chicks I picked up last spring. They were supposed to be Production Red pullets (NH Red/RI Red mix) but two ended up being roosters.  Of those four pullets, Blue Belle is the feistiest and constantly taunts Jethro whenever they're outside together.  She will chase him and peck at him relentlessly, and Jethro loves the game and will chase her right back.  Jethro can pick her out of the flock immediately and it's quite comical to watch them play.

I've tried to get video with my cell phone, but they're too quick to catch a decent shot.

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ladydragonfly said...

Go Jethro! Sorry(hides head in shame) He just looks so cute. I can just hear the poor chickens clucking their heads off!

Grace said...

Great pictures! I love that they each have personalities.

Stephanie V said...

Never seen a dog play with chickens before. These shots are priceless.

Theresa Leschmann said...

I have a cat that plays with my chickens. Loved the comparison to the nun!

B's Mom said...

I have a bunch of chickens myself. At first my husband didn't want to get any, but now that we have them he's named them all and can tell them apart by their "personalities". Lol

Tony Payne said...

That's really cute, who said that animals can't enjoy each other's company.

Lisa said...

My bet is on the chicken, but your dog is so very cute!

Missy said...

Lovin your hens!

Jan Morrison said...

Hey! I'm a chicken gal myself. We're between chicks right now. Lost our last in the fall but as soon as the boat is varnished and out of the workroom - we'll be getting 12 day olds to raise. yeehaw!
Jan Morrison

Lyn Lomasi, LifeSuccessfully.com said...

I love how Jethro is playing with one of the chickens. That's so awesome when animals can be friends regardless of their superficial differences.

Cricket McRae said...

Love the hens -- and Jethro! I can hardly wait to get chickens again.

Andrea Coventry said...

Love the pictures! I had a friend in high school who raised her own chickens. Good times. :-)

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baygirl32 said...

we just to have hens when I was a child, they would go nuts if a dog crossed into the yard, I can hear them clucking now!