March 26, 2011

Head's Up - Giveaway Coming!

Bertha is offering a dozen eggs

I love giveaways!  The other day I gave away a $10 Amazon gift card on one of my other blogs and it was so well received, I know I'll be doing more.  I'll do one on this blog at some point, but want some input as to what you'd like to see offered as a prize.

The Amazon gift card was a good idea since you can use it to buy just about anything, but would you rather have something tangible, perhaps a book about gardening or backyard chicken farming?  Bertha says to leave a comment with some ideas and we'll consider them all (provided they're clean ideas and not illegal!).

If you love giveaways as much as I do, check out Giveaway Scout to keep tabs on other great giveaways out there.


Small Footprints said...

I love gift cards, especially those from Amazon, Target, Walmart and Sears. But there are a few other types of giveaways I usually enter ... organic, natural & vegetarian foods ... bar soaps ... shampoos ... dry laundry detergent ... liquid dish washing detergent and sometimes body lotions. I try to stick with products that are earth-friendly and good for us so things like processed foods don't make my "cut". Oh ... and since my hubby desperately needs a new computer, I'll enter giveaways for those as well. Hope that helps! :-)

Small Footprints said...

By the way ... Berta is a doll! :-)