August 7, 2010

Broody Rooster

Have you ever seen a broody rooster?

I think Lurch was confused.

My young roos have been crowing for a few weeks and buggering the hens, so obviously Lurch knows he's a rooster. I've seen him checking out the nest boxes on occasion, and a few times he's even jumped in and pranced around, pulling at the shavings and building his nest, just like the laying hens do when they're brooding.

The first time I caught him, there was an egg on the nest and he jumped in and moved it around, then covered it with shavings.  At least once that I'm sure of he hopped in and sat on the nest, just like a laying hen with a clutch to brood.

I know roosters are supposed to take care of their girls, but is taking care of a clutch also normal behavior for roosters?

Lurch, scratching to make his nest

... and getting ready to sit on his clutch


The Chicken Keepers said...

Oh, man that is funny! :) :) Sorry but... that is really strange!

Kyla Matton said...

No idea if it's normal, but it is indeed amusing :)

Great pics, Marie Anne. He is a handsome boy, isn't he?

Becky's Barnyard said...

That is so funny. I had a rooster that would do that sometimes. Weird.