July 29, 2010

Awards Day!

My blogging buddy over at All American Family blessed me with two awards the other day and I'm finally getting around to passing them on.

The first is

and then there's the

Aren't they pretty?   They do come with a catch, though.  In order to display them on my blog, I have to tell seven things about myself, and then pass the awards on to seven other bloggers.  So, here we go!

Seven Things About Me

1.  My full name is Marie Anne St. Jean.  Not Marie, not Mary (although I do pronounce it like Mary Anne).  I gave up on other last names and decided to go out of this world with the same name I came in with.

2.  I have two dogs: Molly (Golden Retriever/German Shepherd/St. Bernard) and Jethro (Jack Russell Terror), named for Leroy Jethro Gibbs of NCIS.

3.  I’m an NCIS fan (surprise!)          

4.  I wanted fresh eggs so got six pullets last Dec and now have 10 hens and two roosters.  It didn’t take me long to become a small-scale chicken farmer.

5.  I play a mean game of Mahjongg Dimensions on Facebook (up for a challenge game?)

6.  I live frugally off my military retirement income and freelance writing online (My readers help pay the bills.  Look at the Associated Content headlines in the right sidebar)

7.  I was born and raised in NH, have lived in several different states, including Hawaii, and have visited a few countries.  I’m in Ohio now, but would much rather call NC home.

Here's my list of special blogger friends.  If your blog is listed here, you must pass on the awards to seven other blogger in order to display the awards on your blog.


All American x5 said...

Great to know a few things about you!

Glad you are enjoying the awards!

RecycleCindy said...

Congrats on the awards and so great to see you back blogging again but in the garden this time. Best wishes and hope to see some crafting projects from you too.

sophie said...

Hey...I'll go out back for sure but since I'm 4 legged you may want o keep an eye on me. I'm a new follower, saw you on Chicken Boys.