April 17, 2010

Peep Show - Cute Chick Alert!

The chicks are a little better than three weeks old now and are sure growing fast. They're almost fully feathered with just a few bits of fluff left here and there.

It was a beautiful day so I took the chicks outside in the dog crate Thursday for their first adventure on the grass. They seemed to enjoy it enough and surprisingly were more curious about the hens than the big girls were about the chicks.

That's Ophelia stopping by to see who's in the nursery.

They all started out the same size so I don't think they can be more than a day or so apart in age, but I've noticed that two of the chicks have grown much larger than the other four the last few days, and their tail feathers are much longer. Ohhhh nooooo, could I have two roos?

Look at the tail feathers of the one on the far left.

... and compare it to these gals.

Molly and Jethro wanted them to come out and play, but I didn't think it was a wise idea (Molly was literally drooling with anticipation).

Who dat?

The peep at the feeder is the largest of the six chicks and has the longest tail and wing feathers. He (?) is going to be the most gorgeous golden brown color.

There you have it - a true peep show!


Becky's Barnyard said...

And it was a good peep show. I do hate to see the combs start out early and and tail feathers. I am wondering how many roos O will have out of the seven peeps.

Anonymous said...

your chicks are looking good. i am hoping you have good luck with them.

Chicken Boys said...

Nice. We have a few...six total. We also have three in the house that we hatched for a friend, but he hasn't come to get them. Kinda hope he doesn't. I don't know what they are, but I'm sure they are different from anything I have. He has a lot of game birds. I also have a couple of hens that are sitting. Fingers crossed!!

Callie said...

Love the chick photos. They do grow so fast. It has been sunny and warm here today. So nice. Hope you have a good weekend.