June 11, 2009

Life Gets in the Way

I haven't posted here in so long, it's going to be hard to catch up. Take a look at Marie Anne's Missives to see what has my life in a frazzle this time.

I was so excited to see the perennial garden coming in last month and aspired to fix it up and keep it tidy. It seemed like every day I was finding something new and would run in here to check gardening forums to see what it was. I still don't know what some of the plants are.

Here are a few early photos:

I found these pretty little wood violets in other areas of the property and thought they'd add a bit of early color to this garden. I wasn't sure they'd 'take' when I moved them, but there were so many of them I figured I had nothing to lose. I scattered several of them throughout the perennial garden and not one of them suffered even a moment of wilt, so I got lucky there. They lasted well into the time that other flowers were coming in, so I think I made a good choice.

I was still moving things around, so there are some areas more full than others, and some completely bare. Since this is my first year here, I had no idea what might still be coming up, so anything I did was pure guesswork.

It looks a bit more full from this angle.

Columbine, I believe.

I'm too embarrassed to show 'now' pictures because I haven't tended the garden in a couple of weeks and it has completely gotten away from me. I've so much that needs my attention that I find myself flitting from one thing to the next and not getting any one project completed.

Weather permitting, I'll get out there tomorrow and try to work on it a bit - after the visiting bunny finishes his breakfast of course.

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Keetha Broyles said...

I see your hosta in there. I LOVE hosta - - - always looks great in a garden and is so hardy. I have some of that same green and white hosta in front of my house.