April 27, 2009

Hostas, Anyone?

Boy, I didn't realize it had been this long since I posted, but I guess it has. I've been a busy gal now that the weather has started to get warmer. Since I just bought this place a month or so ago, I'm still finding new plants and things popping up all over that need dealt with.

I've got about 10 bunches of hosta that haven't been divided in probably several years, and they are as hard as a rock. There are probably 30 shoots coming up out of each bunch, with a lot more that aren't coming up because they're so crowded, but probably will after division, or at least next year. I've divided some and put them in various areas around my flower beds, and have donated quite a few to others via freecycle. They're worse than rabbits!

This is just one bunch. The large brown/gray mass in the middle is all hosta as well, that seem almost like they're petrified.

I had quite a few variegated hosta, but they weren't as bad off as the solid, and they've divided quite nicely and are doing well. The solids will come around too, just might take a little longer, I suppose.

Here's a couple of shots where I've poked them in various beds. I still need to decide if I'll put other flowers in these areas, and what sort of edging to use as that nasty black stuff that's hanging out has to go. I don't like working with mulch, so need to decide whether to go with a ground cover or something instead.

I've got so much to do to even get these areas presentable, but believe me when I say that they are still a lot better than what I walked into.

So here you have some 'during' shots. I sure hope I finally get to a point where I can post some 'after' photos.

Next post: My perennial garden oasis.

Ok, here's a sneak peek of Ms Molly standing guard, keeping the butterflies at bay.


Keetha said...

My hostas have started to sprout up too. They don't look like much yet, but just WAIT a few weeks!!!

Diane said...

It's all going to be so gorgeous once you get it all sorted out! That precious little Molly is just beautiful! She's really growing too!

Have a good week!

Many hugs.........


Samantha said...

So far the deer havent enjoyed my hosta, I am keeping my fingers crossed, yours will be so beautiful.
Molly is growing, she is adorable !
Have a blessed Friday !