June 3, 2008

A New Home

As my charges got larger and were ready to go outside, I kept my eyes open for more interesting ways to re-pot them without additional expense.

I was running errands in town one day and noticed this large plastic rectangular object on the street that someone was throwing away. I immediately had visions of sugar plums (ok, cucumbers and peppers) sprouting in it, so stopped to pop it into my trunk to give it a new life.

It turned out to be a child's plastic refrigerator - how appropriate for my veggie babies!

I made sure it was cleaned out, drilled a few holes in the bottom, filled it with garden soil and settled two pepper plants, a tomato seedling and a bush cucumber into their new home.

I think they were happy here, as they have grown considerably since first taking up residence and the tomato plant was recently put into the ground.

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